Zenith 1.1

Zenith 1.1 is released and is available for download at DigitalSerpent.com or ModDB.com


Zenith is a single player campaign mod for Unreal Tournament, now published under Digital Serpent.

Zenith ModDB Page


After Patch 1.1 all Zenith updates will be moved here and to the Zenith website

Development Team

I was responsible for most of the work, designing all the levels and writing all the game code, but the rest of the team contributed via voice acting, music, sound, beta testing and visual art. There were also some third party script packages that were used and included which were created by various modders.


Zenith is the product of a thrice-launched endeavor to create a large-scale partial conversion campaign for Unreal Tournament (99). It began development in early 2011 and was completed in mid 2014. The abandoned predecessor to Zenith is called Preludes of Ruin, which I have linked here for curiosity's sake. Preludes of Ruin began development in late 2009 and ended abruptly in early 2010. The team behind it (a modeler, a coder, and myself) was inconsistent which contributed to its abrupt halt but I would have decided that the project was not inspired enough to continue working on it anyway. Zenith was created from scratch, independent of the material of its predecessor.