Downloads / Resources

Official Downloads for Mods

WORM - An extensive sandbox and minigame editor plug-in for Half-Life games, specialized for Sven Co-op 5.x: Link

Mushroom Mod - A server-side content pack for Sven Co-op 4.x featuring gadgets and new monsters: Link

Weapon Mutator Pack - A weapon pack for Sven Co-op 4.x: Link

Half-Life Toolkit - A collection of miscellaneous server-side plug-ins for Half-Life games: Link

Individual Maps

DM-Sunrise - A small, close-quarters map for UT99: Download

ctf_face - Half-Life (Sven Co-op) reproduction of Inoxx's legendary UT99 equivalent: Download

ctf_technium - Half-Life (Sven Co-op) a small capture the flag map: Download

ctf_cyberjunk - Half-Life (Sven Co-op) a large capture the flag map: Download

Resources / Miscellaneous

TransformDat - A little program that generates transformation sequences for NiTransformData nodes for NIF Gamebryo files: Download

Preludes of Ruin - Preludes of Ruin (UT99) is the abandoned predecessor to Zenith. As such it was never completed but the first two maps are fully playable, so I decided to put it here in case anyone's bored. I began working on POR when I was 14 and development only lasted a couple months, so you'll probably notice it's a bit shabby. I found this on accident and didn't even know I still had it: Download