Creation Kit - Static Mesh Behavior Graph Animation

Depending on the configuration of the HKX file you may have to adjust the initial state to be first in the listing of states. For example:

hkparam name="states" numelements="2"

#0031 #0037


If the desired initial state is #0031 it must be first in the state listing as seen above in addition to being set as the initial state in the root generator.

The primary motivation for editing and generating behavior graphs for static animation is to circumvent the limitations of legacy animation functionality, specifically for multi-state animations and NIF objects that repeat behaviors at some point. Note that the complexity of collision meshes will affect the quality of the interactions between them and other moving bodies.

Note that if you get a prompt about mapping bones it has to do with the bone names in skeleton.hkx. The prompt wants you to name the bones according to what you have present in the NIF file as needed. This does not affect the animation, however.