Krein Anniversary Update + Virtual Reality Version

I've decided on a middle ground that kills two birds with one stone based on the recent shift in popularity rate. Just like Zenith, there will be an anniversary update for Krein. It will be branded as Expansion Pack II but, of course, it will not be the fully fledged expansion pack that was imagined prior. Having said that, development is being done for this anniversary update, which will be the last content update. After that, there will be technical support for Krein for up to 6 months, just like with previous projects, after which support will be terminated as I am focusing on multiple commercial projects at the same time.

In additon there will be a VR-friendly version that will be published soon after the final content update. This will contain no content differences. It will only contain tuning to adjust the gameplay, making it more conforming to VR as far as difficulty and usability.