Skyrim Update I and Mushroom Mod

We planned to release this mod into two parts. One will basically be a demo or even a teaser in the sense that it will only cover a small portion of what the rest of the mod might or will be. The rest will be released afterwards. I'm almost entirely tasked with the former, which means I'd say I have fairly accurate estimations as to when I will release them. I'd say I can begin public beta testing some time in December. This part of the mod will be relatively extensive but nowhere near as extensive as the rest, which is why the rest of it has no estimated date of release.

I was also urged to release the Mushroom Mod addon for Half Life Sven Coop. This was originally meant to be used exclusively on the [ES] Sven Coop Server, but a few people have asked me to publish it and seeing as how Sven Coop doesn't get much traffic nowadays (relatively speaking) I decided that it would be best if I released the mod for everyone to use if they happen to come across it. The link is in the downloads page.