Skyrim Update II and Weapon Mod

It appears that our optimistic prospects for an extensive Skyrim mod are dwindling and I've been working on what I can when I can. With Fallout 4 coming out a lot of the attention toward Skyrim will dissipate for a long while. Additionally we estimated that the amount of resources required to flesh out the complete Skyrim project would exceed investment returns, so to speak. I would predict it would get a lot more attention than Zenith because Skyrim's online community is a lot larger, but in light of the predicted release dates, it wouldn't be worth it because of what I just noted. Therefore only the first part of the Skyrim mod will be released some time early next year. My focus is beginning to stray towards other projects, such as a large C++ based script engine project and a personal project on Unreal Engine 4.

Also, a friend requested that I make a mod for Sven Coop that features new weapons. I did this and extended it by adding a configuration layer where users can modify the properties of the weapons and eventually create their own. I released this mod for beta testing recently. You can download it by going to the download page.