Krein Update VI

Version 1.1 of Krein, titled Expansion Pack 1, has been released. In addition to this, there have been plans made to port Krein into Skyrim: Special Edition. However, there are critical issues with a direct port of version 1.1, due to some complications with the core game file. What would have been a conversion project that would've taken a couple days of development and a couple days of testing has now blown up into something that may take months. The conversion process of the game plugin does not work for version 1.1 (thanks Bethesda), so the release of Krein for Skyrim: Special Edition will be postponed by at least 2 months, because I am taking some weeks off to do something else in November.

Most of the development of 1.1 was concept and environmental brainstorming, 3D modeling, and animation, writing, and so on --things that don't have anything to do with Creation Kit. The development of version 1.1 took around 5 months from conception to testing. I would say 3 of those months were development outside of Creation Kit, and the 2 months were putting everything together and then testing at the end (Xurrakan took 2 months to conceptualize, model and then animate, by the way). Therefore, with my terrible track record of prediction, I would say it will take me 1.5 months to re-hash version 1.1 in Creation Kit Special Edition, then 2 weeks to test everything.

The funniest part about all this is that our 4K HD textures look slightly better in old Skyrim (thanks Bethesda).