What Would Have Been in Krein - Expansion Pack 2

Based on current numbers it doesn't look like there's enough interest to continue development of Krein with a second expansion pack. If this somehow changes in two weeks then I'll have to change the title of this post. There is a precedent set where these kinds of mods receive an anniversary update, but I'm not sure that will happen, either --and even if it does, it wouldn't have as much content as an expansion pack. Regardless, here's what would have been in Expansion Pack II of Krein:

  • Xurrakan final (optional) boss fight
  • Temple of Scripts complete architecture overhaul
  • New unlockable 2H sword
  • New side quest in Silvermourne Valley
  • New dungeon in Silvermourne Valley
  • New side quest in Witchcraft Crater
  • New content in Dragonrest

This is a somewhat tentative list (namely the bottom two features) but mostly set in stone.