Zenith Update I

I've finally been able to set this site up completely. Now, down to business: the updates. I've thus far been able to hammer out approximately 200-250 brushes a day on the total remake of Mission 2.1. Of course, in retrospect, I highly regret releasing even the beta with the original Mission 2.1, which was actually rather old and one of the first fair single-player based levels I designed (fair with respect to the mean level of quality in single player maps as I myself have witnessed)

I'm also reluctant to disclose information about the remake explicitly, but I will say that the remake will probably overshadow, oddly enough, a few other maps in the campaign in terms of quality and awe --or so I'm hoping. Some readers might know that Zenith is a campaign that takes on unique levels of play in comparison to most other Unreal campaigns, and I've tried to implement a unique style of gameplay in to each individual map within the campaign. Here, I'm attempting to design a more extensive freeroam level, mostly indoors. This will also take on the partitions that other maps have taken (in example, missions divided into multiple levels).

I will say about the setting of the level that it will remain in the mountains, and I will say that it is much more a city than a town --as the original was even less a town and more a passage in my perspective. I'd also like to note that the original lacked the awe and memorability or at the very least creativity and visual impact that I think marks most of the maps in Zenith. Since this was the most lacking map, I'm going to turn it into the most impressive, if not try my best to do so.

I've turned my head away from the simplistic and underdeveloped architectural styles of Sky Town in Unreal (yes, I am retaining the Sky City architecture) and moved towards more realistic examples. I've tried mixing an Aztec-inspired concoction, which did not seem to work as well as I expected, but what certainly seems to be working is the Mesopotamian architecture that I've successfully implemented thus far, in addition to my own perspective of Sky Town.

But if you'd rather wait you might not want to open the image, though it doesn't matter much, as I've limited a lot of the quality to it wink

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