Zenith Update V

Hello, everyone.

I understand I haven't posted in a while and with another fall semester coming along it's going to be difficult to make any progress. My goal is to finish Zenith patch 1.1 before the beginning of fall semester (I already have enough work with Engineering Calculus III in the summer) frown What's going to happen, it seems, is basically a cut back on content. The Mission 2 Remake was supposed to be a huge freeroam-like level with a lot of things to do and a very extensive subplot. Unfortunately I realize I have little time to do that and I'm losing my motivation. I will retain as much planned content as I can (I still want it to be awesome) but I'm expecting it to be a quick, small map compared to what it was. I'm already at 2600 brushes with few exteriors done, and was expecting, inevitably, to reach up to 5000. Yeah, I know, "Hurr, too many brushes." It's actually more the geometry and distribution that counts, not really the brush count. I'm reducing my expectations. I'm thinking I'll have about 3500 brushes done by the finishing of the map itself. My goal is to work on it bit by bit until the end of August. If that doesn't work, it'll be a sticky situation.

As for everything else, well, all that needs to be done is hooking up the Atomic Cow store to the economy and marketplace and some minor things such as finishing the renovations in Mission 5, 1.2 and so forth.