Zenith Update VI + Looking for help

I'm laughing at the fact that I never fail to upset my own due dates. Certainly the patch is almost finished, with the exception of testing and some chunks of emptiness here and there. These will be finished over the fall but since I am trapped in a school semester with a very heavy load I might need some help. Obviously Clan [ES] has little interest in looking for help as a team, but the issue is that I am now the only one working on the patch. Not even sanic/D.G. is working on it. In my experience looking for designers of any kind is ineffective. The people that we recruited for the Zenith Project that were not on the official team all fell through and not a single one finished what they were tasked with. But maybe there's someone out there that might not --but I'm not expecting anyone to respond to this. If anyone is interested, however, I'm looking for a highly experienced level designer to work with. Please add [ES]Xoleras on steam or [ES]doll Ghost, both of us will know what to talk about.

As for everything else in summary, the mod patch is about 80% done.