Zenith Update III

I'm about done with the ship remake, so check that off the list. I've been meticulously looking at file sizes ever since the beta because it was, admittedly and embarrassingly, inflated, as it were. Well, it was previously mentioned that the sound and music files were reduced in sized. In the OGG Vorbis format we can actually improve the quality and reduce size.

I'm going to begin scripting a configuration system that allows for only one intermission instance, instead of having duplicates. I think this will be much cleaner and it'll save a few dozen megabytes.

On a side note I'm looking into hopping straight from UE1 to UE4 for tutorials. Some of you might know that I had a large database of them in the old intel.fxgaming.org site. These tutorials were for Unreal Engine 1 and 2. But for now I'm a lot more interested in UE4. So I might also look into adding some for it. I've always been experimenting with these engines.

Also I've added an UnrealScript tutorial page of its own. Why? Because I'm sure you'll be able to use, at least to an extent, the code projects I do in UE1 or UE4 in any other of those engines.